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Week In Review

Week in Review – June 10-14, 2013






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Sarah Preston with the ACLU – vouchers, voter id, Racial Justice Act, drug testing Work First applicants/recipients: 6-12-13 Plain Talk Politics

Monday NCGA Calendars Senate 7pm  House  7pm

Keep up with NCGA today! House Session  Senate  - committee reports and more

Budget Bills
Senate Bill 402 2013 Appropriations Act
House Proposed Committee Substitute for Senate Bill 402, 2013 Appropriations Act

Thursday action: The state Senate has tentatively approved its tax reform package on a 30-17 vote. Final vote Tuesday. 

After about 11 hours of floor debate over Wed & Thu, House approves budget,77-40, sending it back to Senate

Sen Rucho resigns Chairmanship

More on Sen Rucho

Story on Rucho stepping away from finance chairmanship now has letters from Rucho, Berger 

Tax Reform
Latest Senate Tax Reform bill

House Tax Simplification and Reduction Act

Rural Center

A sewer grant

Tax Reform

Moffitt, Ramsey engage in bullying

Rural Center and jobs

United Methodists scold General Assembly, take stands on social issues: The North Carolina United Methodist Church

Gov McCrory says “tough negotiations” ahead on budget, tax deal


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