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Plain Talk Today – August 28, 29, 2013






News 14: Jeanne Bonds, Mitch Kokai discuss 2016 elections, Governor and the press

We talk with Matt Hughes, chair of the Orange County Democrats.  We will discuss the process or filling Former State Senator Ellie Kinnaird’s seat, Millenials in civic engagement and more. Here’s the show: 8-28-13 PLAIN TALK POLITICS (3)

NCGA Special Session to consider Governor’s vetoes on drug testing and immigration

Governor’s Veto of House Bill 392, Warrant Status/Drug Screen Public Assist

Governor’s Veto of House Bill 786, RECLAIM NC Act

The NCGA Convenes for Special Session September 3 Calendars Senate noon  House noon  Listen to the Chambers in Session

Futures for KIDS: Here is the show: 8-21-13 PLAIN TALK POLITICS Wednesday morning radio we talked to Futures for Kids – a non profit to help kids determine what they want to be, inspire them to what they can be, and work with them to achieve it by connecting students to Career Coaches and businesses across North Carolina through our online career exploration program. We equip middle and high school students with the tools necessary to succeed in the 21st Century workplace, while enabling employers to build a steady pipeline of talented, local labor.

Bob Hall with Democracy North Carolina talks about the voter identification and omnibus elections law and how it affects North Carolinians. Democracy-NC provides a list of the key provisions in the law. You can learn more about Democracy North Carolina.Here’s the show:8-14-13 PLAIN TALK POLITICS (1)


Pew Survey on race relations

NC Political News

Friday is the end of pre registration for 16 and 17 year olds

McCrory: New voting law moves NC from the fringe into the mainstream

PPP: Chilton, Foushee top crowded field to replace Kinnaird

Pantano gets veterans post in McCrory administration

Morning Memo: Hold the fries; striking workers, a challenge to Ellmers

Phil Berger Jr. returns from Cuba

Tea Party comes to Raleigh to push defunding Obamacare

Ex homeland chief Chertoff coming to town next month: Michael Chertoff

Burr urges military action against Syria

McCrory marks MLK’s ‘I have a Dream’ speech: GOP Gov. Pat McCrory issued a statement

Rouzer names campaign team: David Rouzer on Wednesday announced key members of his campaign

Fracking: Compulsory pooling

Indian Casino and Resort

Graduation rates

Teachers exiting

Charlotte Lawmakers talk

National News

Washington Post: Voting Law

USA Today on NC: Whack-a-Mole

McCrory takes to the op-ed in USA Today





Where are we now NC?

Updated commentary: Note: On August 21, Mrs. Williams and I gave an interview for a documentary about the Wilmington 10, Wilmington in the 1960s and 70s. We talked about how she was chosen from the all-black school where she was teaching (first Gregory, then Peabody) to be one of just a few teachers sent to an all-white school, Bradley Creek. We talked about how she was treated by her peers, how the white parents responded, the hardship of the black children sent to Bradley Creek and the reactions of my classmates and parents. We were a small laboratory testing the love of our religious teachings against a backdrop of racism in the world in which we lived. We are forever changed by the experience and our relationship.

NC Spin this week – graduation rates, economy and voter identification 

Wednesday night August 7, Capital Tonight 7 pm: Jeanne Bonds and Dallas Woodhouse on Moral Monday and NCGA

NC Spin Forum: Hot Potatoes with Sen. Dan Blue, Rep. Jim Fulghum, Jeanne Bonds, Becki Gray, Chris Fitzsimon, Joe Mavretic


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