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Plain Talk Today – September 19-22, 2013






ICYMI: Wednesday Sept.18 Radio: 9-18-13 PLAIN TALK POLITICS
Senator Earline Parmon, representing Forsyth County in the NC Senate, joins us to talk about issues at Department of Health and Human Services in NC:NCGA Black Caucus letter to McCrory and Wos re DHHS 09112013 and Dr. Martin KiferHigh Point University Survey Center, joins us to talk about their recent polling on approval ratings for the President and Governor as well as voters’ views on the new NCGA voter and elections law.


New poll shows strong support for photo ID, less for other parts of new elections law: HPU Poll

Two Elon Polls released

The NCGA Convenes May 14, 2014 Calendars Senate 2 pm  House 2 pm  Listen to the Chambers in Session

NC Political News

Sen. Berger says no to US Senate bid

Berger out

From 3rd to 6th: Unemployment

The Twilight of Appropriations: Congressman David Price

Gaston Gazette: HPU and Elon Polls

Business Journal on few issues uniting

Poll measures opinions

August unemployment drops

SNAP vote Shameful

Wos shakes up DHHS

Atomic Bomb over NC?

Activist hired at DHHS

Medicaid system blamed for loss of jobs and businesses

The Ambassador and the Governor  

The Education Lottery Formula

SNAP vote is a new low

The Continuing Controversy At NC DHHS

Henderson Dispatch calls for Wos to resign 

Elon Poll says pocketbook issues

DHHS former employee gets a severance package

Path Forward on Medicaid

NC Fast and Food Stamps via AP

According to the Elon Poll, 2/3 of voters don’t know who Senate leader Berger or Speaker Tillis are

ABC Commission

What North Carolinians think about abortion, gay marriage, teacher tenure, immigration, etc

Tar Heels divided on gun laws: North Carolinians are divided

McCrory says announcements re: Obamacare are coming

Voter ID, early voting have strong support

North Carolinians are wary of Obamacare

Phil Berger to announce Senate decision on Monday

McIntyre one of two Democrats voting to defund Obamacare: North Carolina U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre

Eric Cantor pressures Kay Hagan to vote to defund Obamacare

Hagan pushes for vet claims speed-up: Sen. Kay Hagan continues to pressure the U.S. Department of Veterans

Anti Hagan billboards going up across NC: Americans for Prosperity  

Legislative health and human services October meeting

McCrory and privatized Medicaid

New anti-Obamacare TV ads about to hit NC airwaves from Koch Brothers group: Americans for Prosperity

Lt. Gov. Forest calls for massive teacher pay hike: Tea Party conservative

Elon Poll suggests that Hagan is vulnerable, but opposition weak: Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan

Candidate emerges to replace Foushee in House

Elon Poll: McCrory decline is continuing: Another poll, and more declining ratings for Gov. Pat McCrory




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