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Plain Talk Today – October 10, 2013







Art Pope letter to Department Heads about shutdown and Wayne Black letter to DSS offices re shutdown 2013-10-10_213131

Today at 4 pm, Cash Michael’s Make it Happen, Jeanne Bonds talks about DHHS, elections, and the Shutdown
MIH SEG 1… 10-10-13
MIH SEG 2…10-10-13
MIH SEG 3…10-10-13
MIH SEG 4…10-10-13

Interview Tips for Political Interviews with hostile, antagonistic hosts based on WWNC NEWS RADIO 570 “PETE KALINER” Show in Asheville, NC, October 10, 2013

Wednesday, October 9: Plain Talk Politics 8:30 am, Congressman David Price10-9-13 PLAIN TALK POLITICS PART ONE 10-9-13 PLAIN TALK POLITICS PART TWO

7 pm  and Midnight News 14 Jeanne Bonds and Chris Farr talk about labels, anarchists, Tea Party: NC Capital Tonight; Rose Hoban with NC Health News on DHHS and Mayor Nancy McFarlane

A new bathroom. Furloughs. Contingencies: What if?

McCrory, Media, Mayhem: Behind Closed Doors

Sequester and Shutdown

Wednesday, October 2: Plain Talk Politics 8:30 am, Guests: Madison Kimrey, 12 year old NC activist and the great folks at the Elon Poll Here is more on Madison and the Elon Poll  Here is the show: 10-2-13 PLAIN TALK POLITICS

Wednesday Sept 25 at 8:30 am Attorney General Roy Cooper Listen to the show here: 9-25-13 PLAIN TALK POLITICS PARTIAL More information on the NC Attorney General

The NCGA Convenes May 14, 2014 Calendars Senate 2 pm  House 2 pm  Listen to the Chambers in Session

NC Political News

Lo and behold, NC suddenly finds money to re-start WIC benefits. Our updated editorial on this disgrace

Why is NC the only state in the nation to cut off WIC benefits? 

Food program shut down 

NC Auditor Beth Wood responds to DHHS audit issues from hearing

Different versions in the case of DHHS

Details alter perception – DHHS

N.C. legislators troubled again by Medicaid finances 

Beth Wood, State Auditor, responds indepth to NC Health News report about medicaid audit tonight on News 14 NC Capital Tonight 7 pm


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