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Plain Talk Today – October 18, 2013

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Plain Talk Politics Radio Oct. 16: Chris Fitzsimon is the Executive Director of NC Policy Watch. Covering NC Politics in-depth at all levels, Chris’ latest op-ed is about the NC Department of Health and Human Services: McCrory leads in disregard for the poor 

Ellen Reckhow, Durham County Commissioner, continues the discussion about DHHS and the effects of recent decisions on local government. Here is the show: Chris and Ellen

Cash Michael’s Make it Happen, Jeanne Bonds talks about DHHS, elections, and the Shutdown
MIH SEG 1… 10-10-13 MIH SEG 2…10-10-13 MIH SEG 3…10-10-13 MIH SEG 4…10-10-13

Wednesday, October 9: Plain Talk Politics 8:30 am, Congressman David Price10-9-13 PLAIN TALK POLITICS PART ONE 10-9-13 PLAIN TALK POLITICS PART TWO

The NCGA Convenes May 14, 2014 Calendars Senate 2 pm 
 House 2 pm  Listen to the Chambers in Session

NC Political News

Personnel experts: DHHS settlement may have violated state constitution

Wos isn’t going anywhere, per spokesman

Tea Party loses in shut down

Interactive map of how Congress voted on the debt deal

Mark Meadows on Shut Down

Attorney General has conflict


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