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Affordable Care Act

Voters’ Voices: Affordable Care Act “Glitches” – Melvin Lynn


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The U.S. House of Representative is holding a hearing regarding the Affordable Care Act website glitches. It’s important these glitches get fixed so people can sign up for health care. As you know, any computer/website glitches can get fixed with time. Website glitches are not as important as passing a bill for Immigration Reform and eliminating sequestration (cuts) that is having devastating effects on our federal government which is affecting our economy. There’s a host of issues that need Congressional attention, such as a Farm Bill, fewer cuts to SNAP, a Jobs bill that would put millions of Americans back to work, and repair our crumbling infrastructure.

Instead of conducting Congressional Hearings about a website with glitches, why isn’t Congress doing the work of fixing substantive issues with the Affordable Care Act? Of course the ACA is not a perfect law and has issues to be resolved, however, the law overall will allow millions of Americans to get health care they would otherwise never have. Most laws have problems when they are first presented to the public. That doesn’t mean you should repeal it or delay its implementation; rather, fix it and make it better for the good of all the people that can’t afford health care.

Most “red” states are rejecting Medicaid Expansion that will expand care for adults 19 to 65 years of age. These are federal dollars the government is willing to give back to states for Medicaid. A news source reports, “ … for the first time in history, poorer states are paying for richer states by rejecting the Medicaid Expansion dollars.”



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