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Death Penalty

Plain Talk Radio – Nov. 27, 2013

On Wednesday morning at 8:30 am, listen in to our pre-recorded show (Happy Thanksgiving) with Kristin Collins, NC Coalition for Alternatives to the Death Penalty. Here is the show: 11-27-13 PLAIN TALK POLITICS

The N.C. Coalition for Alternatives to the Death Penalty is a non-partisan network of organizations and citizens across the state who work cooperatively to  reform North Carolina’s capital punishment system. Our members include attorneys, politicians, faith communities and nonprofit organizations dedicated to criminal justice reform, victims’ rights and restorative justice.

Public support for executions at 40-year low: November 6, 2013 By  

new Gallup poll shows that the death penalty continues to lose popularity and has the lowest level of public support since 1972. Sixty percent of Americans favor the death penalty, down from a high of 80 percent in 1994.



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