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Affordable Care Act

Plain Talk Today – Nov. 14, 2013








This week: Radio: Wednesday morning 8:30 am NC Budget and Tax Center  Here is the show:11-13-13 Plain Talk Politics
Wednesday at 10:15 Jeanne Bonds comments on the issues of the day with WPTF

Wednesday 7 pm and midnight: NC Cap Tonight News 14 - Watch here: Affordable Care Act and Governor McCrory’s approval numbers on NC Capital Tonight: Jeanne Bonds, Chad Adams join host, Tim Boyum

NC Spin – watch now. Jeanne Bonds, Phil Kirk, Chris Fitzsimon, John Hood: Disappointing test results, Mental Health, Executions in NC 

Plain Talk Politics Radio

Rodney Ellis, President of the NC Association of Educators, joins us to discuss NC public education, NCAE, the recent walk-in and the budget for education. Here is the show:11-6-13 PLAIN TALK POLITICS

Plain Talk Politics TV: Congressman David Price 

NCGA The NCGA Convenes May 14, 2014 Calendars Senate 2 pm  House 2 pm  Listen to the Chambers in Session

NC Political News

NC DOT in a jam

Federal Health Care Plan

Rush Limbaugh on Kay Hagan

Mike McIntyre on ObamaCare

Commerce Secretary on unemployment

Mike Walden on the economy

Goodnight pushes for nationwide Pre-K

McCrory to attend another big fundraiser and new ads

Blood in the water

Six North Carolina churches add their names to NAACP lawsuit challenging a new state elections law

McCrory administration evaluating options to increase pay for teachers, including earlier raises

Obama move on canceled plans may affect 475k in NC


  1. Insurers skeptical of Obama offer on cancellations: 


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