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Affordable Care Act

Voters’ Voices – Why are Democrats on Defense? – Melvin Lynn

It’s really sad the things that are taking place in our nation’s capital. I’ve noticed that since 2010, when a wave of Republicans took control of the U. S. House of Representatives, the Democrats have been on the defensive. Why? Democrats won the Presidency, and have a majority in the U. S. Senate. Why are we always defending our party and agenda against House Republicans and right wing talk show hosts? Is it because Republicans have the majority in the House? I don’t find that to be a compelling reason.

Democrats must talk about and build support for our ideas and debate the issues that concern the vast population of American society, and not a small faction (Tea Party). We should be debating the SNAP cuts that will be taking a huge toll on millions of America’s poor. In the meantime, Congress should extend SNAP benefits until a comprehensive Farm Bill passes both chambers and is signed by the President. Instead, the House Republicans are wasting time trying to score political points with a hard right base, attacking Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebellius about a glitch on a website.

Democrats must prioritize how we govern and leave the political gamesmanship behind. Since 2010 the House Republicans have distracted voters, obstructed governance, smeared and lied about the President. Most of the American voters know these facts. Look at the latest poll numbers that indicate the Republican Party has the worst favorability rating in the history of the Party. It’s time progressives push for an immediate extension to the SNAP program to help those that are most vulnerable. John Boehner should call for an up or down vote on the Senate immigration bill. Dust off President Obama’s jobs bill from 2011 and bring it to vote.


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