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Plain Talk Today – Dec. 2, 2013






RADIO: Dec. 4: 8:30 am Matty Lazo Chadderton – Lazo-Chadderton Consulting and previously with the Office of the Governor, NC General Assembly and the Consulate General of Mexico in Raleigh. Immigration, Hispanic Affairs and more.

RADIO Wednesday, Nov. 20: Meet the newest member of the NCGA, Graig Meyer, NC House District 50. am Here is the show: 11-20-13 Plain Talk PoliticsRADIO: Nov. 27: On Wednesday morning at 8:30 am, listen in to our pre-recorded show (Happy Thanksgiving) with Kristin Collins, NC Coalition for Alternatives to the Death Penalty. Here is the show: 11-27-13 PLAIN TALK POLITICS


The NCGA Convenes May 14, 2014 Calendars Senate 2 pm  House 2 pm  Listen to the Chambers in Session

NC Politics

NEW POLLING: Little love for any elected officials

Jaybird McCrary was a dear friend in the NCGA

Today: The state Department of Health and Human Services will hold a “Twitter town hall” at 3:30 p.m. Monday, using the social media tool to gather reaction to the Crisis Solutions Initiative of Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration. To participate go to, or use the hash tag #ncmentalhealth on Twitter. You can also follow the Department on Twitter, @NC_DHHS, to see responses.

The Insider’s Top 5 NC State Senate Seat Races

Cooper and McCrory on Casino

McCrory’s Troubles

Several new crime laws taking effect Sunday in NC are straight out of the headlines

Hagan is a cork

DHHS contracts

Gun groups pushing new law

Healthcare and Democrats

Ticket Taxes

Surviving economically

The Courts are still struggling

Art Pope, Rev. Barber meet briefly today in Raleigh to argue GOP policies, Pope’s discount stores



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