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Plain Talk Politics Radio – January 8, 2014 Brian Turner, Candidate for NC House









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Brian Turner Announces Intention to Run for N.C. State House District 116

My wife and I chose to raise our daughter and build our business in Buncombe County because this is where I grew up, our families are here, and we believe this is a great place to live and work. Unfortunately many of things that make this area great have been threatened and instead of just standing on the sidelines I want to do something about it.

I am concerned that Raleigh is not investing in the areas that will provide positive returns for this community and the effects of this neglect will be felt for years to come.

We need to be strengthening our schools, community colleges, and universities or we will no longer be competitive in attracting the kind of stable, well paying jobs this region was built on. While we need to attract new businesses we must not forget to invest in helping locally owned small businesses. These businesses are the foundation of a strong local economy, they are the businesses we all know, the businesses that have been here for generations.

As former Assistant Vice Chancellor of UNC Asheville, former head of manufacturing and operations for family business Mills Manufacturing, and current small business owner I know if we fully invest in education, if we attract new businesses while helping grow our local ones, then we can build a stronger community for now and for the future.

To build a stronger community we need elected officials who understand the winner-take-all mindset that has infected Raleigh is not sustainable, and we need to be willing to work together, regardless of party, to achieve positive solutions to the challenges we face

I want to listen to the concerns of people and the businesses in our region that are affected daily by the decisions made in Raleigh, I want to give voice to those concerns, and ensure the interests of this community are being fairly and honestly represented in the capital.


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