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Fayetteville Observer: Democrats 2014 Comeback

  Published: 07:39 AM, Sun Oct 13, 2013 Fayetteville Observer Weakened N.C. Democrats look to make comeback in 2014 election By Paul Woolverton Staff writer Four years after North Carolina’s Democratic Party celebrated the election of Barack Obama – the first Democratic presidential candidate to take the state since 1976 – the party found itself…

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Time is slipping away

                Time is slipping away North Carolina is a politically centrist state. Depending on the personalities that emerge and the economy, it can lean right politically. Republicans and conservatives, armed with a web of 527s, 501( c) 4s, and PAC money from their gains in 2010, ¬†were able…

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Enough! A “leaked memo” does not define Democrats

      Belonging to a political party and espousing values that define political ideology on a spectrum are not always the easiest concepts to grasp. Many folks respond to poll questions about their ideology as “moderate” because it sounds better than “liberal” or “conservative.” And, many people, like me, really believe we are “moderate”…