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Plain Talk Today – Nov. 14, 2013

            This week: Radio: Wednesday morning 8:30 am NC Budget and Tax Center  Here is the show:11-13-13 Plain Talk Politics Wednesday at 10:15 Jeanne Bonds comments on the issues of the day with WPTF Wednesday 7 pm and midnight: NC Cap Tonight News 14 - Watch here: Affordable Care Act and Governor McCrory’s…

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100 Days and Counting

            Governor Pat McCrory’s first 100 days in office have been largely uneventful, except for a few highlighted, loosely-worded interviews, press dodges and misspeaks. Large raises for his cabinet, loosely phrased expressions about education, several pre-announcement videos and some plans lacking specific details against an ever-spoken desire to “rebrand North…

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Education Interview: Charter Schools, Traditional Public Schools (podcast)

Jeanne Bonds interviews Natalie Beyer, Durham County School Board, and Norman George, Board Member of PreEminent Charter School in Wake County in this podcast:  interview (Note: We used this report from the NC School Boards Association as the basis to start the conversation ) Cross-Post: Jeanne Milliken Bonds Both Natalie and Norman will provide additional commentary.…