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Voters’ Voices – Aria Cahill

          Aria Cahill submits this Cost of Living graphic by State  

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Voters’ Voices – Marni Goldshlag, former teacher, speaks out

Speaking Out Never in all my years in North Carolina could I have imagined the citizens being so compromised by those elected to represent and serve them. Ever since this NC legislature started proposing and passing bills I have heard myself saying “Did you hear what the legislature did today?” or “Can you believe they…

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Voters’ Voices: Jeff Egerton

Opinions Opinions are nine tenths of the law. Or is that possession? Possession is nine tenths. Opinions. We all possess them. We all want to share them. Possession of opinions, mine and yours. We can Tweet an opinion. Or post it on Facebook. Or email it. Or shout it out. But we need to take…

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Tanya Roberts: Is Everything Really Political?

                A few years ago I changed my voter registration to “Unaffiliated” because I was working with a few non-partisan organizations and because I was fed up with both major political parties. My young children behaved better and more honorably than anyone in the political arena – local,…