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Voters’ Voices – Aria Cahill

          Aria Cahill submits this Cost of Living graphic by State  

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Dylan Frick: Senate “Equalize voter rights” needs to be stopped

  I try to always keep in tune with what North Carolina politicians are doing in Raleigh, but rarely do I ever feel personally attacked by a single piece of legislation. It is common knowledge that the General Assembly, specifically many Republicans, are attempting to curb the way North Carolinians vote.  Among the proposed election…

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Tanya Roberts: Civil Dialogue about Ideas

As a social worker, I take great pride in my profession. We work to help those who are the most vulnerable among us. I believe this is also the essence of Christianity. In fact, it is grounded in most faiths, at least from what I understand of them. Most “religions” reflect groups’ desires to understand our world…

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Tanya Roberts: Raleigh, Washington: You owe us representation

I have been thinking for weeks now on how to best write this so that I effectively get my thoughts and ideas across without causing more strife in our political discourse. The reality is – I can’t. And that’s OK. The lack of compromise is appalling. Our elected officials in Raleigh and in Washington, D.C.…