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NC Spin – January 5, 2014

Topics: Looking ahead, Carolina Megalopolis, Mental Health Funding and NC SPIN Person of the Year Panelists: Jeanne Bonds, Chris Fitzsimon, John Hood, Joe Mavretic and Tom Campbell

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NC Spin – December 22, 2013

Topics: Voucher Lawsuit, Voter ID Lawsuit, Roadblock to Commerce restructuring and Tell us something we don’t know! Panelists: Jeanne Bonds, Chris Fitzsimon, John Hood, Joe Mavretic, Tom Campbell  

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Make it Happen – Cash Michaels, host, interviews Jeanne Bonds and Dougie Johnson – October 10, 2013

          October 10, 2013 Cash Michaels talks to Jeanne Bonds on his show “Make it Happen” – the topics: DHHS, the Shutdown, Democrats and Wake County Elections; four segments: SEG 1… 10-10-13 MIH SEG 2…10-10-13MIH MIH SEG 3…10-10-13 MIH MIH SEG 4…10-10-13 Cash talks to Dougie Johnson, Veterans Assistance in Wake County.