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A new bathroom. Furloughs.Contingencies: What if ?

          What if Governor Pat McCrory and Secretary Aldona Wos (Dept. of Health and Human Services) really don’t understand the complex formulas and regulations that intertwine federal and state dollars at the state’s largest department, DHHS? What if Wos and McCrory used federal contingency funds for those big contracts and those…

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Are we done yet?

            Are we done yet? The House says the House budget will be published Friday, June 7. They promise the budget will be on the House floor next week. The question is can the House hold it together among its ranks long enough to get through the last few weeks? Clearly…

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Time is slipping away

                Time is slipping away North Carolina is a politically centrist state. Depending on the personalities that emerge and the economy, it can lean right politically. Republicans and conservatives, armed with a web of 527s, 501( c) 4s, and PAC money from their gains in 2010,  were able…

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“Conservative” divisions and outside influence culminate in renewable energy debate

          The divisions and internal battles of the NCGOP in the House are alive and well, evidenced in the high profile fight over the state’s renewable energy portfolio standard. First, we were to believe Rep. Mike Hager was introducing the repeal of the renewable energy portfolio standard “RPS” for his former…

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100 Days and Counting

            Governor Pat McCrory’s first 100 days in office have been largely uneventful, except for a few highlighted, loosely-worded interviews, press dodges and misspeaks. Large raises for his cabinet, loosely phrased expressions about education, several pre-announcement videos and some plans lacking specific details against an ever-spoken desire to “rebrand North…

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Short-sighted politics threatens to unravel Renewable Energy in NC

The triple threat -Americans for Tax Reform, Americans for Prosperity and the John Locke Foundation – are all coming together in a “save the day” siege on the State’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) with their usual loose language combined with rhetoric and half the story. They are predicting that there will be a play for…