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A new bathroom. Furloughs.Contingencies: What if ?

          What if Governor Pat McCrory and Secretary Aldona Wos (Dept. of Health and Human Services) really don’t understand the complex formulas and regulations that intertwine federal and state dollars at the state’s largest department, DHHS? What if Wos and McCrory used federal contingency funds for those big contracts and those…

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Let’s talk issues, ideas

          Elections are about comparing ideas. Elections are about challenging ideas. Elections are about evaluating performance. Elections are about issues that affect people. We have an election coming in 2014. Let’s talk issues and ideas. Right now, the average North Carolinian is unsure of the economy and economic policy, worried about…

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Branding: Words Matter

          I have heard our new Governor mention a new brand or a re-brand for North Carolina half a dozen times now, including the “state of the State.” So, let’s talk branding. I have led re-branding for cities and organizations, including the quantitative and qualitative market and stakeholder research, evaluation and…

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Enough! A “leaked memo” does not define Democrats

      Belonging to a political party and espousing values that define political ideology on a spectrum are not always the easiest concepts to grasp. Many folks respond to poll questions about their ideology as “moderate” because it sounds better than “liberal” or “conservative.” And, many people, like me, really believe we are “moderate”…

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Grading McCrory’s “State of the State”

        Liked: Let me say straight off the top that I liked two policy goals mentioned: cut the advertising, administrative costs of the lottery and apply money to kids and technology in education. The technology is needed and there’s a revenue stream to tap. And, the reinstatement of the Drug Treatment Courts.…