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A new bathroom. Furloughs.Contingencies: What if ?

          What if Governor Pat McCrory and Secretary Aldona Wos (Dept. of Health and Human Services) really don’t understand the complex formulas and regulations that intertwine federal and state dollars at the state’s largest department, DHHS? What if Wos and McCrory used federal contingency funds for those big contracts and those…

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The UNC System: Protecting our State’s Asset

My upfront disclaimer: I am a rabid supporter of one of our State’s greatest and oldest assets – the University of NC System, UNC. I am a proud alumnae of UNC at Chapel Hill but I not only believe in Carolina, I also believe in the mission of each and every member institution and their…

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Political Parties Face Growing Numbers of Unaffiliated Voters in NC

  North Carolina has 100 counties. Voter Registration as of November 27, 2012 lists voter registrations as: Democratic 2,874,875;  Republican 2,055,486;  Libertarian 19,593; and, Unaffiliated 1,712,488 (Total: 6,662,442). Nine Counties now have more Unaffiliated voters than Democrats and 30 Counties have more Unaffiliated voters than Republicans.