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Plain Talk Today – January 13, 2014

        Radio Wed., Jan. 8, 2014: Brian Turner, Candidate for NC House: 8:30am Here is the SHOW Voters’ Voices: Death Penalty Radio and TV NC Spin: Dec. 22, 2013: Topics: Voucher Lawsuit, Voter ID Lawsuit, Roadblock to Commerce restructuring and Tell us something we don’t know! NC Spin: Jan. 5, 2014: Topics: Looking ahead, Carolina Megalopolis, Mental…

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Plain Talk Politics Today – May 1, 2013

          Breaking – Congressman Mel Watt to head FHFA The State Bureau of Investigation is hosting a “Crisis Response Resources Display” from noon to 4 p.m. on the Bicentennial Mall at Edenton Street this afternoon. Breaking – Rep. Deborah Ross to step down from NCGA seat NCGA House convenes at 2:00 pm Calendar…

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Plain Talk Today – April 30, 2013

          NCGA House convenes at 2:00 pm Calendar for Tuesday Parts of the legislation on firearms on the floor today deal with increasing the penalties associated with some gun crimes and clarifying the procedure for denying someone with mental health problems access to fire arms. The bill also expands where and when…

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Plain Talk Today – April 29, 2013

        Monday at the NCGA: The House reconvenes Monday at 4:00 pm (Calendar). The Senate reconvenes Monday at 7:00 pm (Calendar)  There is a bill on the calendar that would block certain Blue Cross Blue Shield contracts and the conference report for Lily’s Law, to codify the common law with which someone may…

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Plain Talk Today – April 26, 2013

            Did you miss Dallas Woodhouse, Jeanne Bonds and Cash Michaels live at 4 pm on WAUG? Here it is MIH SEG 2…04-25-13 Beginning Wed., May 1, Plain Talk Politics 8:30 am WAUG 750 AM LIVE – plain talk about the people, the process and the facts so you can make…

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Plain Talk Today – April 25, 2013

        NCGA Action for Thursday House convenes at noon. ADOPTION OF CONFERENCE REPORT SB 10 Conference Committee Substitute – Apodaca, Hunt and Rabon (Primary Sponsors) – GOVERNMENT REORGANIZATION AND EFFICIENCY ACT. (Conference Committee Substitute) City-related bills in the House Government Committee at 10. Listen to the audio from Room 643 Senate convenes at noon…