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Plain Talk Today – January 13, 2014

        Radio Wed., Jan. 8, 2014: Brian Turner, Candidate for NC House: 8:30am Here is the SHOW Voters’ Voices: Death Penalty Radio and TV NC Spin: Dec. 22, 2013: Topics: Voucher Lawsuit, Voter ID Lawsuit, Roadblock to Commerce restructuring and Tell us something we don’t know! NC Spin: Jan. 5, 2014: Topics: Looking ahead, Carolina Megalopolis, Mental…

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Plain Talk Today – April 18, 2013

        House Convenes 1 pm Thursday Voter ID passed House Elections 23-11   The debate was emotional Finance Today 544 LOB at 8:30 am  Next up, Appropriations and then expected to be on the floor next week One amendment passed in House Finance, the bill passes 18-10 and goes to Appropriations next.…

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Plain Talk Today – April 17, 2013

        House convenes at 3:00 pm (calendar) and the Senate convenes at 2:00 pm (calendar) The House Elections will vote on a Voter ID Committee Substitute at 1 pm in Room 643 LOB. PCS for Voter ID bill HB589 released  You can listen in at 1 pm The League of Women Voters…

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Plain Talk Today – April 16, 2013

        Great sympathy extended to those affected by the Boston Marathon incident. Here is a good link to keep always to help connect with family in an emergency or disaster. Register and Find 100 days and Counting Governors Hunt (D) & Holshouser (R) in Southern Pines Pilot for judicial public financing  U.S.…

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Plain Talk Today – April 15, 2013

            NC House and Senate Calendars (Both Chambers 7:00 pm Monday evening) House is scheduled to take a final vote on turning Asheville’s water system over to a regional authority. And, also vote on a bill re human traffickers whose victims are minors to register as sex offenders, whether or not the trafficking…

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Plain Talk Today – April 14, 2013

        Dwane Powell returns with political wit Halfway Point: Lawmaking slows Why is the GOP going after the wrong kind of voter fraud? New Chancellor – an inspired choice Public Power agencies – intolerable monthly jolt for Eastern NC Burr defends vote on Senate gun bill Don’t funnel taxpayer dollars to private…