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Plain Talk Today – January 13, 2014

        Radio Wed., Jan. 8, 2014: Brian Turner, Candidate for NC House: 8:30am Here is the SHOW Voters’ Voices: Death Penalty Radio and TV NC Spin: Dec. 22, 2013: Topics: Voucher Lawsuit, Voter ID Lawsuit, Roadblock to Commerce restructuring and Tell us something we don’t know! NC Spin: Jan. 5, 2014: Topics: Looking ahead, Carolina Megalopolis, Mental…

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Plain Talk Today – April 8, 2013

        NC plan to charge voters for new photo IDs may fall afoul of US & NC Constitutions Interview with Arkansas Medicaid Dir Andy Allison on Arkansas private option Medicaid Radio Interview  - the Racial Justice Act repeal Threatening the voting rights of students Appreciate economic advantage of solar jobs. Funding for specialized…

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Plain Talk Today – April 7, 2013

GOP settling down despite spate of off-the-wall bills Republicans pushing on-line voter id petition Cheap energy jobs? Unproven. Editorial: One man lobbying against fracking – Charlie Ritter Internet: Susan Crawford: “we’re paying more for less and leaving a lot of Americans behind”  Hey there! If you think Raleigh lost its southern drawl, you’re hanging out…

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Plain Talk Today – April 6, 2013

Social Programs face cutback in Obama budget Liberals: Partisan or Principled? Voting rights, voting wrongs Have Wall Street’s “Third Way” Democrats ever been right about anything? National take on NC voter ID: making voting harder  Line up for candidates for Charlotte Mayor 527 forms: Women Vote NC UNC School of Journalism – N.C. political data…

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Plain Talk Today – April 5, 2013

    Charter Schools - Senate Education meeting on a new charter school board had a bit of everything, including people getting tossed out. Religion Resolution Makes National News - Warren calls dead religion resolution ‘poorly written,’ apologizes for embarrassment Bureau of Labor Statistics Jobs Report - One month of bad news, and a worrisome downward trend. Five…

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Plain Talk Today – April 4, 2013

            Presser about Voter ID from Tillis 10:30 am today. The committee is scheduled to hold a second public hearing on voter ID at 4 p.m. April 10. More than 100 people signed up to speak at a four-hour hearing last month. Democrats will hold a press conference at 9:45 am…