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Jeanne Milliken Bonds

North Carolinians are struggling, A NY Times “Room for Debate” Op-Ed

North Carolinians Are Struggling When our state has the fifth-highest unemployment rate in the U.S., many residents are just getting by, not focused on the harmful cuts being considered. Posted in the NY Times  Jeanne Milliken Bonds is a public relations consultant, political analyst and host of “Plain Talk Politics.” The North Carolina Budget is held…

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Are we done yet?

            Are we done yet? The House says the House budget will be published Friday, June 7. They promise the budget will be on the House floor next week. The question is can the House hold it together among its ranks long enough to get through the last few weeks? Clearly…

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“Conservative” divisions and outside influence culminate in renewable energy debate

          The divisions and internal battles of the NCGOP in the House are alive and well, evidenced in the high profile fight over the state’s renewable energy portfolio standard. First, we were to believe Rep. Mike Hager was introducing the repeal of the renewable energy portfolio standard “RPS” for his former…

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Political Parties Face Growing Numbers of Unaffiliated Voters in NC

  North Carolina has 100 counties. Voter Registration as of November 27, 2012 lists voter registrations as: Democratic 2,874,875;  Republican 2,055,486;  Libertarian 19,593; and, Unaffiliated 1,712,488 (Total: 6,662,442). Nine Counties now have more Unaffiliated voters than Democrats and 30 Counties have more Unaffiliated voters than Republicans.